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  • Supplements for the Next Generation

    Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC (FNC) specializes in development and marketing of highest-quality nutritional supplements for female and male fertility. Incorporating constantly evolving scientific knowledge, Fertility Nutraceuticals helps men and women build families through a range of unique fertility supplements, unmatched in quality, purity and consistency, pushing the current standards of the nutraceuticals industry to the next level.

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  • Working with Fertility Specialists

    To bring to market the best nutritional supplements to boost fertility, Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC (FNC) works with leading scientists and physicians in the field, guaranteeing that formulation of products, supplementation schedules and quality control processes in production follow highest possible scientific standards. Many reproductive endocrinologists in the United States “prescribe” our expert-endorsed fertility supplements to their patients, and some even have our products available in their offices.

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  • Authority on Fertility & Nutrition

    As a specialty nutraceuticals company focused on fertility, Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC (FNC) draws on its expert connections and research abilities to disseminate reliable, up-to-date information about the important roles of various nutritional supplements in male and female fertility. We aim to provide authoritative yet concise updates to the general public, and to busy healthcare professionals who practice in the field of fertility and reproduction.

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About Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC

Nutraceuticals with Fertility Focus

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, is a boutique supplier of premium fertility supplements. We specialize in development and marketing of science-based, highest-quality fertility treatments and supplements for men and women.


What Sets Us Apart

We stand behind our products. Our fertility supplements are designed in collaboration with renowned fertility physicians, based on the best available evidence in the medical literature. To ensure that our products are up to our high standards, we have a rigorous quality control process in place, including a rare third-party testing at independent laboratories. Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, is committed to the premium quality of all our products.


Our History

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, was founded in 2011 to fill a need: Use of DHEA supplementation to improve pregnancy chances for women with diminished ovarian reserve was becoming more and more widespread by early 2011, but there was a persistent lack of micronized DHEA with reliable, consistent quality. Fertility centers used OTC DHEA or compounded DHEA with mixed results. Our first product, FERTINATAL® DHEA, was introduced to make available a micronized, pharmaceutical-grade DHEA that consistently conforms to the quality standards set by the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), the fertility center that introduced DHEA use in fertility care. Since the successful introduction of FERTINATAL®, we have added OVOENERGEN™ CoQ10 for female fertility and ANDROENERGEN™ CoQ10 for male fertility, with a few other products in the pipelines.

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FERTINATAL ® Women’s DHEA 25mg

Improve your chance of pregnancy with pharmaceutical-quality DHEA specifically designed for women’s egg quality and endorsed by the Center for Human Reproduction*.

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OVOENERGEN™ Women’s CoQ10 333mg

Boost your eggs’ energy metabolism with mega-dose CoQ10 softgels, developed specifically for women’s egg quality and endorsed by Dr. Robert Casper*.

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CONFLAM-Forte® Inflammation Modulator

Calm down immune systems that have become hyperactive due to inflammation, for women who are trying to conceive*.

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ANDROENERGEN™ Men’s CoQ10 333mg

Support sperm health with increased energy availability with mega-dose CoQ10 softgels, developed with men’s fertility in mind*.

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Prenatal Vitamins with Fertility DHEA* For women over 35

One daily tablet supplies a comprehensive mix of prenatal vitamins and minerals, plus 25 mg of fertility-specific DHEA to help women over 35 combat the age-related decline in fertility and get pregnant quickly*.

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Prenatal Vitamins For younger women and all pregnant women

One daily tablet supplies a comprehensive array of premium prenatal vitamins and minerals. Women who got pregnant while taking the Prenatal Vitamins with Fertility DHEA should switch to this product once pregnancy is confirmed.

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VIVO For Female Sexual Health

Support all aspects of female sexual health with pharmaceutical-grade, micronized DHEA*. The first and only nutritional supplement shown in clinical studies to support women’s sexual health*.

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Business Partnership

Fertility Supplements for Physicians’ Offices

Our fertility supplements are available for resale in physicians’ offices. For physicians’ offices, we offer competitive pricing and small minimum order size.

  • Additional revenue stream from high-end fertility supplements
  • Convenience for patients sets you apart from the rest
International Distribution

Our fertility supplements are also available for international distributors on both exclusive and non-exclusive basis. If you are interested in international distribution, please contact us.

  • Expert-endorsed fertility supplements “made in the USA” quality
  • Target high-end fertility market to boost revenue
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Research Articles

The research articles below represent a brief and selective overview of medical literature on fertility and certain nutritional supplements. This brief overview has been prepared by the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), a leading fertility center in New York City, and distributed by Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, with permission from CHR.
Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation and Oocyte Aneuploidy in Women Undergoing IVF–ICSI Treatment

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DHEA supplementation may improve IVF outcome in poor responders: a proposed mechanism

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Is there a role for DHEA supplementation in women with diminished ovarian reserve?

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