ANDROENERGEN™ CoQ10 for Sperm Quality

ANDROENERGEN™ is a mega-dose CoQ10 supplement that boosts male fertility through sperm quality support*.

CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) is an antioxidant that protects developing sperm from oxidative damage while providing energy support to the mitochondria, which is the energy factory within sperm cells*. ANDROENERGEN™ delivers 999 mg of pharmaceutical-grade CoQ10 per day, a formulation and supplementation schedule developed based on numerous clinical studies on sperm parameters and CoQ10. Top male fertility specialists recommend ANDROENERGEN™ for improving sperm quality*.

ANDROENERGEN™ CoQ10 is recommended for men who want to improve their sperm quality to become fathers*. Couples with male factor infertility may also benefit from ANDROENERGEN™ CoQ10*.

ANDROENERGEN™ Men’s CoQ10 333mg

Support sperm health with increased energy availability with mega-dose CoQ10 softgels, developed with men’s fertility in mind*.

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