OVOENERGEN™ CoQ10 for Women’s Fertility

OVOENERGEN™ is a mega-dose CoQ10 fertility supplement that supports egg quality and women’s fertility via antioxidant protection and enhanced mitochondrial energy metabolism*.

OVOENERGEN™ delivers 999 mg of CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10), a vitamin-like substance that protects the developing eggs from the oxidative damage that accumulates over time and provides an energy boost for the development of eggs*. Based on the recommendations of Dr. Robert F. Casper, senior investigator at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, OVOENERGEN™ comes in an oil-suspended softgel form, for best absorption, and follows the supplementation schedule used successfully in his research studies*. Dr. Casper endorses OVOENERGEN™.

OVOENERGEN™ CoQ10 is recommended for women who are trying to conceive, either with fertility treatments or on their own*. Women who want to improve their egg quality may benefit from supplementing with OVOENERGEN™ CoQ10*.

OVOENERGEN™ Women’s CoQ10 333mg

Boost your eggs’ energy metabolism with mega-dose CoQ10 softgels, developed specifically for women’s egg quality and endorsed by Dr. Robert Casper*.

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