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How to improve IVF success rates with smart fertility supplement strategy


IVF success rates

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is an expensive form of fertility treatment. To make matters worse for many couples struggling with infertility, insurance policies typically do not cover IVF, forcing couples to pay out of pocket for IVF. This financial reality is partially why it is so important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get the best IVF success rates you can.

The other part, of course, is your desire to take home a baby and build your family.

IVF Success Rate ImageIVF success rates depend on a number of factors, including the particular cause(s) of infertility, age of the female patient, her ovarian reserve and the skill of the fertility specialist who oversees your fertility treatment. The female patient’s age and her ovarian reserve (the ovaries’ ability to produce good-quality eggs) play a particularly large role in the success of IVF.

In general, because female fertility and ovarian reserve peak in the mid-20s and start declining afterward, the older the woman, the lower her pregnancy rates after IVF. For 2012 (the last year the statistics are available), Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies reports 43% live birth rate after IVF for women under 35, with success rate getting progressively worse with age: 31% for women 35-37, 22% for women 38-40, 12% for women 41-42, and only 4% for women 43 and above (see chart).

How to improve IVF success rates

While factors like the cause of infertility and ovarian stimulation protocol that your doctor prescribes are beyond your control, there are a few things you can do to improve your IVF success rates.

  • Stop smoking, if you are: Smoking is detrimental to fertility—no question about it. Smoking damages both the egg and the sperm. When it comes to improving your chance of pregnancy with IVF, there is nothing better than kicking this habit.
  • Eat a balanced diet: A balanced diet is essential in both improving your IVF success rates and preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Exercise: Moderate exercise not only helps you maintain healthy weight, but also comes with a number of well-established benefits, and can even help alleviate the stress of fertility treatments. If exercise is not in you and your partner’s regular routine, start with something light and fun, like walking in a park, taking a dance class or biking to work.
  • Take fertility supplements for IVF: Supplementing with high-quality fertility supplements that address your specific fertility issues may increase your IVF success rates*.
  • Choose your fertility center wisely: Some fertility centers specialize in certain types of infertility, and have expertise in that arena. Choosing your fertility center that has extensive experience with your specific type of infertility issue is one way to get the best care available.

It is always a good idea to discuss lifestyle changes and supplementation with DHEA, CoQ10 and other fertility-focused supplements with your physician first.

IVF supplements from Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, offers a line of IVF supplements for couples trying to have a baby with IVF. Each of our fertility supplements addresses a specific aspect of male and female fertility, unlike many supplements, herbs and extracts that offer dubious and general fertility benefits.

We know how important this journey is to couples struggling with infertility, so we make sure that our fertility supplements make sense scientifically, by designing them with extensive input from fertility experts (reproductive endocrinologists and urologists), and having a strict quality control process in place. Many fertility specialists use our fertility supplements leading up to the stimulation phase or in conjunction with ovarian stimulation medications*.

  • FERTINATAL® DHEA is “the original” IVF supplement. FERTINATAL® is designed to improve IVF success with androgen support for the ovaries*. The pharmaceutical-grade DHEA in FERTINATAL® helps restore an ideal environment in the ovaries to improve egg quality*, which is essential for the success of IVF cycles.
  • OVOENERGEN CoQ10 is a supplement for women who want to increase their IVF pregnancy rates by supporting the health of the eggs*. With antioxidant protection for the developing eggs, OVOENERGEN enhances your pregnancy chances with good-quality eggs and embryos*.
  • ANDROENERGEN is an IVF supplement for men, made of mega-dose CoQ10 to support healthy sperm development*. ANDROENERGEN CoQ10 provides antioxidant protection and mitochondrial energy support to the developing sperm*. Although egg quality is considered much more important for IVF success than sperm quality, healthy sperm also contributes to better IVF pregnancy rates.

IVF Statistics and Facts

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